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ABC's of Inflammation

ABC's of Inflammation

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Don't Have Chronic Inflammation? Think Again

Download this amazing eBook by Julia's father, Dr. Maffetone on the ABC's of Inflammation and learn how to identify if you have chronic inflammation and what you can do to resolve it.  Packed with easy to follow information, Dr. Maffetone will teach you
  • How to Assess Inflammation with a personal checklist
  • Introduce you to the main causes of inflammation
  • The direct link between diet and inflammation
  • The necessary nutrients you need to maintain fat balance
  • ... and much more 
In summary, if you are concerned about inflammation for yourself or a family member, this book will serve as an invaluable asset in your journey to recognition and recovery. The information is presented in an easy to follow format with actionable steps to can take right now. 

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